Proven Winners Proven Winners®
As the name says. these varieties have proven to be real winners. Unsurpassed
dependability and performance defines this elite group of plants. Look for the Proven
Winners color tags and branded pots.
Gardener's Confidence Gardener’s Confidence Collection®
This collection of landscape plants have been bred for performance and dependability.
Plant these with confidence. You won’t be disappointed.
Garden Debut Garden Debut®
New and improved varieties for the landscape garden.
knockout logo The Knock Out® Family of Roses
Easy to grow, disease resistant, dependable blooming and reblooming from
early May until Thanksgiving. Easily the best landscape rose on the market.
drift rose Drift® Groundcover Roses
Low maintenance, with endless color all season long. Require no special care.
FEPurple First Edition® Plants
Unique colorful flowering shrubs for your garden or patio.