Barberry ‘Admiration’ PP#16,921

Botanical Name: Berberis thunbergii ‘Admiration’ PP#16,921
Common Name: Barberry ‘Admiration’
Zone: 5-8
Height Average: 2′
Spread Average: 2′
Habit: Compact Rounded
Culture: Sun to Part Sun
Foliage: Vibrant red/orange foliage with yellow margins, deciduous
Flower: None
Comments: Very showy and perfect as a color contrast


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Redbud ‘The Rising Sun’ TM

Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis ‘JN2’ PP#21,451
Common Name: Redbud ‘The Rising Sun’ TM
Zone: 5-8
Height Average: 12′
Spread Average: 8-10′
Habit: Rounded
Culture: Sun to part sun
Foliage: Heart shaped with a variety of crisp colors ranging from yellow/gold to tangerine/orange
Flower: Rosy pink flowers appear up and down the branches in spring before the leaves emerge
Comments: From its early spring flowers to its colorful heart shaped leaves, this Redbud adds attractive color to any landscape, it is drought tolerant and disease resistant


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Arborvitae Anna’s Magic Ball™ PP#25,868

Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis ‘Anna Van Vloten’ PP#25,868
Common Name: Arborvitae Anna’s Magic Ball™
Zone: 3-7
Height Average: 10-18″
Spread Average: 10-18″
Habit: Mounded, compact
Culture: Sun to Part Sun
Foliage: Golden yellow feathery foliage
Flower: None
Fruit: None
Comments: Looks great year round and this plant is as close to no maintenance as it gets


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Jasmine Asiatic ‘Snow N Summer’

Botanical Name: Trachelospemum asiaticum ‘Snow N Summer’
Common Name: Jasmine Asiatic ‘Snow N Summer’
Zone: 6-9
Height Average: 4-6″
Spread Average: 3′
Habit: Horizontally spreading ground cover
Culture: Shade to part shade
Foliage: New growth is striking pink turning to clear white, then to variegated white and emerald green on older foliage
Flower: None
Comments: Excellent colorful ground cover, great for container gardens and hanging baskets, superior color to other Asian Jasmines


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Camellia sasanqua ‘Brandy’s Temper’ Dark Pink

Botanical Name: Camellia sasanqua ‘Brandy’s Temper’
Common Name: Camellia sasanqua ‘Brandy’s Temper’ Dark Pink
Zone: 7-8
Height Average: 6-8′
Spread Average: 4-5′
Habit: Upright
Culture: Shade to part shade, will grow in full sun if soil is rich and there is plenty of mulch
Foliage: Dark green
Flower: Semi double; rich, dark pink from October-December
Comments: Great dark pink blooms


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Loropetalum Jazz Hands® Variegated PP#27,713

Botanical Name: Loropetalum chinense ‘Irodori’ PP#27,713
Common Name: Loropetalum Jazz Hands® Variegated
Zone: 7b-9
Height Average: 4-6′
Spread Average: 4-6′
Habit: Rounded
Culture: Sun to part sun
Foliage: Purple older foliage with new growth containing pink and white variegation
Flower: Pink, strap like
Comments: Great plant to use for a shot of color, unique unlike any other


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